En enero pasado, una tormenta azotó Portugal, que produjo fuertes vientos de hasta 128.75Km por hora y fuertes lluvias.
El desastre, que se describe como la mayor catástrofe natural en Portugal en los últimos años, se debe a un fenómeno meteorológico ciclón monstruo llamado ciclogénesis explosiva.



This past January, a massive storm hit across Portugal that produced strong winds of up to 80 miles per hour and heavy rain. The disaster, described as the biggest natural catastrophe in Portugal in recent years, was caused by a freak cyclone weather phenomenon called an explosive cyclogenesis.

One of the areas where you could see nature in all its fury was in Porto, on the jetty that houses the Felgueiras Lighthouse. Photographer Veselin Malinov was on hand, where he was able to capture these incredible shots of enormous waves that seemed as if they wanted to swallow anyone that got in their way.

Huge walls of water surrounded those crazy enough to walk along the jetty. Malinov included those figures to, not only show a sense of scale, but also, perhaps, to show the fearlessness (or madness) of those willing to go near.


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